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V1.1: 深圳

My name is not Winston Smith, I am a Swiss geographer and I blog about web development & the development of the web, the privacy debate and geoinformation science. Follow me on Twitter.

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On , rohan pokharna commented on How to install SpatiaLite and SpatiaLite GUI on Ubuntu 12.04 :

how to use this installed SPATIALITE in java program ...... i need to use the statement like stmt.execute("load_extension('libspatialite.so')"); or even path of .so file can be specified [...]

On , Winston Smith commented on Stunning Examples of The Modern Graphical Web with SVG and WebGL :

Hi Stefan. It depens on your prior knowledge of Javascript and D3. Without any knowledge of the mechanisms of Javascript it might be pretty hard to understand D3 at all, which I judge as pretty complicated by itself. If you DO have an understanding o [...]

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